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A brownie hug on a plate

on October 21, 2010

I’ve not been feeling so well recently and because of all the painkillers and antibiotics I’ve been taking, I’ve been off the booze, which would have been my first port of call normally (I’m not an alcoholic, I just self medicate!). In the absence of a nice G&T, these are absolutely the best brownies EVER! I haven’t changed this recipe at all. Not one little bit.

It comes from Cook in Boots by Ravinder Bhogal, is one my all time favourite cook books ever. Not because she’s got every recipe under the sun, she definitely hasn’t, but because she’s set it out the way we think. We don’t cook food according to fish dishes and meat dishes, we cook according to our moods. There are recipes for entertaining, for comfort, for dieting, for when you’ve got no money, etc. It’s just fabulous. And this is a recipe from the section on ‘for when only chocolate will do’. And one of those times is when you just need a hug on a plate, because you’re a grown woman but being ill has you wanting your mum.

I first made these for my sister’s baby shower and everyone adored them. They also adored the coconut and chocolate cupcakes which I’m sure will make it onto another blog post some time soon.

You can, handily however, find the recipe here, without having to buy the whole book

I think the only things I’d say about this recipe are

  • if you prefer your sweets a little less sweet (like me) then I would use less sugar. Maybe 175-200g instead of 225g. But you may need some extra flour to make it thick enough. Not too thick mind, you’re making brownies not a cake. You want it a dropping consistency (i.e. when it drops off your wooden spoon), so if you need extra flour, add it a spoonful at a time.
  • You can use any kind of chocolate drops, not only white chocolate, but white chocolate is best. If you can’t find drops, bashing up a bar of chocolate with a rolling pin is extremely satisfying and provides the same end result. Just remember to put the chocolate in a bag first if you don’t want it going all over your kitchen!
  • If you can use fresh juice from an orange then do. When I didn’t have an orange I used orange juice and it wasn’t the same.
  • I found that the only way not to become obese on these is to cut them into very small squares. Ravinder suggests 12 servings – I think I got at least 30 out of it. The other way not to become obese is to leave them where your husband can find them so he’ll eat them for you. But then this backfires when he becomes obese!

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