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Baked sausage casserole

on November 14, 2010

This is another relatively quick, very easy, kid friendly weekday dinner, found again on and made more interesting by me!  I always try to keep some sausages in the freezer because when you’ve run out of everything else, sausages are an easy and tasty ingredient for dinner.

This is pretty low in calories and fat, so great for dieting, or those just wanting to be healthy.  Sausages do make it slightly less healthy but if you use high meat content ones then it shouldn’t be too bad.

I didn’t take a photo as I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but it turned out very well and made good leftovers for the next day too.

In the original recipe they suggest browning the sausages in a frying pan first.  I did this, but found the sausages over cooked and slightly burnt after being baked as well, so I don’t think this is really neccesary unless you want cremated sausages.  The sausages spend more than enough time cooking in the oven that you don’t need to worry about food poisoning if you don’t brown them first.  Plus, not browning them makes this super simple.  You basically just chop everything up, throw it in a baking dish or roasting pan and shove in the oven.  if you want to brown them first, then do this before you put the veges in the dish and basically just fry them in a little oil on all sides until they’re browned.  Then remove from the heat.

If you wanted to do a vege/vegan alternative – use lentils instead of the sausages, add a bit more water, chop your veges a  bit more finely, and voila – baked lentil casserole!  This is an excellent dieting alternative as lentils are low in fat & calories, high in protein and extremely good for you.  It might be less child friendly, however.

Preheat the oven before you start chopping because it’ll take a little time to heat and this takes no time at all to prepare.

Easy baked sausage casserole

Serves 4

2 onions – sliced into chunks

450g potatos thinly sliced on the wide side

2 carrots – sliced on the diagonal

2 peppers of different colours (for interest) chopped into chunks

Any other veges you fancy – aubergines, corgettes, celery, would all make good additions.

8 pork sausages (or any sausages really.  I used pork and apple).

250ml passata

hot water if needed

chopped fresh parsley, sage, thyme or basil (or a mix)

salt and pepper to taste

  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius.  Grease a large baking dish or roasting pan with a little oil.   I used a roasting pan.
  2. Chop all your veges, and place in the baking dish – your potatoes and carrots going on the bottom.
  3. Pour over the passata and water if needed.  Add seasoning and the herbs.  Gently mix with the veges.
  4. Prick your sausages in a few places (to avoid exploding) and place the sausages on top and make sure they’re seated nicely in the veges.
  5. Roast in the oven on a middle shelf for about 40 minutes, or until the sausages and potatoes are done.
  6. Turn onto plates and enjoy!

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