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A truly yummy summer cheesecake: mango and passion fruit

on July 11, 2011

I apologise.  I’ve been somewhat absent from posting.  It’s been a bit hectic and to be honest, I’ve been cooking things I love and have already posted about.  I did the crispy chilli beef yesterday and Keralan egg curry the other day.  But that’s all excuses.  And to make up for it, I have a truly scrummy dessert here for you that ‘s perfect for bbqs or dinner parties, or just for dessert.  And the quantity of fruit puree in in means it tastes very light (I can assure you that the calorie count will tell you otherwise – this is not a diet dessert!).

It’s no bake as well, so can easily be make the day before if entertaining.  There is the odd fiddly bit but nothing overly complex.  And it should keep for several days in the fridge, no problem at all.  Your guests will genuinely be wowed by this dessert (especially if you decorate with pieces of mango and some passion fruit seeds, which I meant to do but didn’t quite get round to!).  You could serve with a dollop of cream or mascarpone or vanilla icecream, or even make a coulis from the passion fruit.

I found the original recipe here and to be honest, I didn’t really change it.  Except that, I thought the quantities looked a bit high so I reduced them.  I was wrong on the amount of biscuit base but right about the cheesecake topping.  I reduced the topping quantities and it only barely fit into my dish!  So I’ll give you the quantities as I ended up using.

Also, especially with no bake cheesecakes, I just make them in my flan dish and leave it in there for serving.  Saves wondering if it’s going to fall apart when it comes out!  Any flat dish with a slight edge will do however, or use a spring board cake tin.

Any desserts involving fruit, providing its not something where they have to look pretty, its best using very ripe or overripe fruit.  It’s an excellent way of using them up and the dessert will taste better for it because they’ll have a higher quantity of sugar in them and you can reduce the amount of added sugar.  I also found that I used over ripe mangos and they really didn’t need cooking with the sugar to soften them.  They were on the verge of going mushy anyway and were very sweet.  So I just skipped that bit.  If your mangoes are less ripe, then do cook them with sugar to soften them first.  My passion fruit were also over ripe, starting to wrinkle and were reduced to 15p at tescos!  so they weren’t so pretty but very tasty and sweet, plus the seeds came out much easier.

You can buy gelatin sheets from most supermarkets, but if you can’t find any, use a lemon or lime jelly but just disolve it in 4 tbsp of boiling water instead and leave out the sugar when softening the mangoes as the jelly will have lots of sugar in it already.  This is my mum’s handy tip!  For more information on gelatin, take a look here, I found it very helpful  Just remember, gelatin isn’t vege friendly so if you’re serving to veges, use a gelatin alternative.  And yes you do need something that will make it gel or you’ll get a soggy pile of mush instead of cheesecake (trust me, I know!  Had an incident with a strawberry cheesecake once!).  You could also turn this into a baked cheesecake and that would remove the need for gelatin – but use egg whites instead.

A food processor, smoothie maker, juicer or hand blender of some sort is pretty handy.  I suppose you could probably turn the fruit to pulp by hand, it would just take longer.  But try it in some strong bags with a rolling pin, or using the pestle from your pestle and mortar and a larger bowl.  Alternatively, look for pre-done fruit pulp in the supermarket.

Mango and passion fruit cheesecake

Serves about 12-16

  • 250g digestive biscuits
  • 100g demerara sugar
  • 125g melted butter (I used margerine actually)
  • 2 mangoes (medium sized, plus extra for decorating)
  • 8 passionfruit (plus extra for decorating, making couli with)
  • (2oog sugar & 200ml water – if softening the mangoes)
  • 4 sheets gelatine, softened in cold water, then dissolved in about 4 tbsp hot water (not boiling but over 35 degrees celsius)
  • 400g cream cheese (I used reduced fat)
  • 400ml double cream (I used elmlea), whipped
  1. Bash or wizz your biscuits into crumbs whilst you melt the butter.  Then add the biscuits to the melted butter and add in the sugar.  Mix well to combine then spread over the base of your flan dish or cake tin.  Press down hard (I use my fingers for this bit) and chill in the fridge.
  2. Next, peel, chop and remove the seed from the mangoes and soften them if you need to in a saucepan on a how heat with the sugar and water.  Remove all the fruits from the passion fruit skins.  Then put the mango (and any juices) and the passion fruit in a blender, processor or bowl and turn into puree.
  3. Next seive out any lumps and the seeds from the puree (I had to seive twice and still got the smallest seeds left in, but found this didn’t affect the taste or texture as most were removed) and add the disolved gelatine to it.
  4. Next add the cream cheese and mix well until thoroughly combined (I found a hand whisk was most effective with this) and fold in the whipped cream.
  5. Pour the mix over the biscuit crumb base, smooth with the back of a knife or spoon and refridgerate until set.  I usually prefer to leave it overnight.
  6. When you’re ready to serve it, arrange some mango and passionfruit over the top of it or pour over a coulis.
  7. Serve with a nice glass of dessert wine and enjoy the summer fruitiness!

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