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Off topic: Protect your bubble insurance update

on September 5, 2011

I thought, as so many of you kindly reposted, retweeted, liked, linked and so on…my previous rant about protect your bubble, I should give you an update. 

I found a blog another customer had written about his bad experiences of trying to claim from protect your bubble.  So quite by chance, I commented on his blog, asking if he had any tips he could give me, as he had eventually got them to pay out.  He emailed me almost immediately with the email address of someone in the customer retentions team at protect your bubble. 

So I emailed her, and she got back to me within minutes, and had sorted the entire thing in under 24 hours!  She looked at my claim, apologised for the way I’d been treated, couldn’t see why my claim was denied and had contacted the claims handlers to ensure it was paid out.  So I got a new phone, the international calls on my phone that were made after it was stolen were refunded, I didn’t have to pay the excess and they sent me some vouchers as an apology! 

I’m a very happy bunny.  But I think in some ways it was pure chance that I got it sorted, and got it sorted so quick.  It was chance I found the blog, chance the blogger contacted me with the customer retentions details, and just chance that they happened to get in touch with me.   If that hadn’t happened I think I’d still be waiting to hear something from them. 

Plus I went to really extreme lengths online to spread the word – i posted on review sites, forums for both insurance and finance and gadgets, I had my blog retweeted by lots of you, and reposted on facebook.  And even then, protect your bubble kept deleting my posts and tweets.  They didn’t bother to get in touch at that point – they didn’t address my complaint at all – they just deleted it.  And even when customer retentions sorted it out, the claims people were still stroppy on the phone with me.  The lady in customer retentions was brilliant, but I seriously think she’s the only person in the entire organisation that’s any good at customer relations!

So anyway, it’s sorted, I have a phone and I didn’t have to pay the excess, and the call charges will be paid too.  So it’s all come good in the end – but my, a lot of work to get there.  But if you ever have any issues with a company – just know from my experience – it pays to make a fuss!  And to find the contacts of someone in customer relations/retentions!  And to insure your phone with your home insurance or service provider – these specialist gadget insurers aren’t all they’re cracked up to be!


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