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I love food.  Or to be specific, I like good food.  Food is comforting, is exotic and adventurous, its exciting, its sexy and sensual, it’s whatever you need to be.

I cook because I love to eat good food.  I didn’t always cook well (no I’m not modest!).  At first I cooked ready meals and microwaveable rubbish.  Occasionally a pasta dish that would invariably taste revolting.  But eventually I got better, mostly because I couldn’t stand the food I cooked and couldn’t afford to eat out!  And after I got better, I got a bigger kitchen with lots of lovely appliances and tools and cook books and I became confident.  Confident enough to write this blog.

I’m not writing this because I’m an amazing chef.  I create, that’s true, but it’s always out of practicality.  In reality, I’m a cook not a chef.  I love my recipes.  I rarely make something up out of my head from scratch.  Its usually out of a book or off the internet.  But I know how to do it now.  And actually, it’s not difficult.  I used to think it was.  I was terrified of spices (except chilli).  Terrified of doughs and batters (still a little scared of pastry if I’m honest!) and terrified of doing anything from scratch.

But now most of my cooking is from scratch because it tastes better (mostly) and I know what’s in it – good for dieting and maintaining and for not coming out in rashes or other lovely conditions.  Plus all the great stuff is in the original ingredients and never in the preservatives, colourings and e numbers.

But don’t be scared.  This blog is about making cooking simple.  Starting from the beginning and taking you through it.  If you’re an experienced cook, I hope I’m not telling you how to suck eggs, but one of my most favourite cook books tells you how to boil an egg, cook a roast, spaghetti bolognaise etc – the stuff no one tells you about because they assume you already know it.  I will also tell you the things I got wrong, why changing the recipe might be better, and what you can skip or get away with.

So this blog is about the simple things, the stuff you think you should know but no one told you, and how to take the baby steps into cooking amazing food every day of the week – work or no work, kids or no kids, glamourous dinner party or not.  It’s the quick and simple, to the exotic and complicated (although I rarely do complicated, I don’t have the patience) – but always, tasting good, and feeding your emotional as well as your physical state.

On a small aside – I cook food from all over the world.  My favourite part of travelling is the food.  I collect spices and foods when I go on holiday.  So, I would say if you have very specific food preferences then perhaps this blog isn’t for you.  And if you like your spice mild then tone down my spice ingredients a bit (I’ll tell you by how much in the posts) and always de-seed your chillis.

Feel free to suggest recipes or ideas that I can try and to comment on how you found making and eating the recipes I put on here.  The more comment the better.  But be nice, no offensive words or off topic comments, this is a PG blog.


9 responses to “About me

  1. rowena says:

    am loving this xx r

  2. I think we have similar views on food and cooking

  3. Jessica says:


    I just came across your food blog & adore it! I would love to promote some of your recipes through Four Green Our Community features a popular Vegan and Vegetarian recipe section, you can check it out here:

    Four Green Steps is a fairly new site, we recently launched the World’s largest Green Marketplace of exclusively eco-friendly products, as well as an extensive international Green School Program. Our site also features an Infozone of environmental news and a Community of blogs, green tips, videos and recipes!

    Let me know if you are interested. If you are I would simply copy the recipes from your site with a link back to your site. Also be sure to check us out on Twitter and Facebook if you use any of those sites.

    Warmest regards,


    • Of course! I’m glad you like my blog. I don’t do exclusively vege recipes but I do end up cooking vege quite often because it’s healthier quicker and cheaper! But I’m looking to increase traffic so it’s perfect for me. Thanks very much 🙂

  4. Your Favourite Bolton fan says:

    Im hungry now, hows MrJacksons Veg garden going, were still thinking of doing it big stylie if we move this year…..

    • Going well! He’s got his greenhouse up and running – we should have tomatoes soon. Just had a bumper crop of green beans and chillis! Courgettes got a disease though 😦 come round sometime and check it out, have a beer, maybe a bbq!

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